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Would the Interactive Map be able to sync with your game?

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Dec 16, 2020
Hello ! i am really wondering if the Interactive Map could somehow follow your progress in the game and mark what is done instead of having to manually go to the map , find and click things you just did/completed

This would be really a good thing ! when i bought the Map Premium access i thought it would just be in the game and you can interact with it , not totally seperated from the game ... quitely deceiving
If i am in the game and i want to take notes on the map i have to get from game's map , Alt-Tab open the Semi Interactive Map , then trying to find where i am then compare both maps to be able to click where i am and everytime i complete something i have to alt-tab to the map to find/click the things done to record the process ....

Any idea ? Would it evolve and sync with the game someday ?


Dec 24, 2019
I think you are talking about the official guide map which has nothing to do with the map here. The two maps are different in a number of ways. Mainly visibility of streets and what info is contained on them. Our map here is different in that we are cataloging everything and not just things pertinent to missions.
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