Will this game have any DLC's from Cyberpunk: Red or Cyberpunk: 2020?


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Sep 6, 2020
Hello all,

Being an RPG gamer and Game tester, I played CP:2020 when I was younger and loved dealing with OTEC and CINO. I was wondering do you all think CP:77 may have a DLC based off of the 4th Corp war, where we come in contact with ' Johnny Silverhand, Rouge, and Morgan Black Hand'? if they do i hope they bring in OTEC and CINO as well as the ' Atlantis Group" !!!
any thoughts ppl?


Dec 24, 2019
It would be a cool idea to release some "prequel" DLC to fill in the story for those playing 2077. I guess it really depends on how or if they tell the story of Silverhand's demise at the Arasaka tower in CP 2077 to fill in the backstory. I am guessing they will do this otherwise some people may be wondering "who's this Silverhand dude". On the other hand, they may feel that backtracking in DLC would feel like stalling story progress in 2077. Looking away from DLC for now, who knows, they may even release full 2020 game later on as a prequel. Either way, it would be cool to see gaps being filled for new players.