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Dec 24, 2019

Version 3.8 Update - 22 February 2022

  • V's new apartment locations added as "Landmarks".
Some item locations have shifted around a little so if you find anything out of place, please let me know in the comments and I'll make the updates. You can use the right-click coords on your mouse to paste the coordinates in your comment to show location changes.

Version 3.7 Update - 17 January 2020

Since the last update I have been playing the game a LOT for mapping purposes and there's a lot been added to the map in this update. Stuff that's been added includes:
  • All free Legendary Clothing Locations
  • All Iconic weapon locations
  • Videos on how to get all the weapons and clothing.
  • More vehicles have been added and I am working through the rest now.
  • Map layout fixes
  • Added some map features that were not that important but were missing so it's now more complete.
Doing the videos has been a lot of fun and they are also hosted on our Youtube channel so give us some love and subscribe there too. We can't make bean to cover costs until we get more subs and views.

In other news, I have been chatting with the Cyberpunk404 team about collaborating, especially on clothing locations and we're in the middle of working that out. So check out their site, it's a great resource for all Cyberpunk 2077 fashion with more to come. I'll keep you all posted on how that's going in the weeks ahead.

If there is anything you would find useful to be added let us know.

Version 3.6 Update - 2 January 2020

Happy New Year everyone!

This latest update brings a load of accuracy updates to the map with the road network. This is an ongoing process but a lot of it has been given a once over during the holidays and we've been doing our best to show which roads are above others so make navigating slightly easier.

We have also added the following and made some changes.

  • Added in Legendary clothing you can pick up for free. We have also added videos to each entry so you can see exactly where stuff is. Expect more of this kind of stuff.
  • Removed Drop Boxes. We felt these were unnecessary as they are everywhere and only really important for handing in stuff from a few quests.
  • We're in the process of adding in vehicle locations so you can easily pick up a new vehicle for cash. Also showing reward vehicles such as the Shion Coyote.
  • Added Map clusters. As know the map was getting overwhelmed so we have now added a clustering system. The filters still work as usual as does the search but the clusters make viewing the map a lot easier when zoomed out or nothing is selected.
There's been a lot of work going on for the past couple of weeks and we're nailing down things slowly but surely. We've been working on three playthroughs to find as much as we can ourselves but if we miss some so add it to the comments that slide out. Some of you have already so thanks loads for that! It's a huge help.

Again, if there is anything you would find useful to be added let us know.

Version 3.5 Update - 19 December

Since launch there has actually been a few updates to the map layout, we're continually tweaking roads and buildings as we go each day. Today's update however has quite a few changes for accuracy so I thought it best to post it in the notes.

As you can see there are also a lot of markers popping up as we go. We have been adding in more landmarks/key locations which are not always linked to the main storyline. This is so everyone can get a better picture of Night City. This also includes NPCs as we want to show as many off as possible at their key locations. Places such as Judy's Apartment or Sandra Dorsettt's Apartment have been added and these are the sort of updates we want to add to make the map is as complete as possible. There's plenty of lore buffs out there who appreciate these landmarks being added so we're taking out time and making sure things are as accurate as possible.

Again please keep any feedback coming, we appreciate your comments and it spurs us on :)

Version 3.4 Update - 10 December

We are now squarely focusing on accuracy on the map and today decided to move the map into the game colours you are familiar with when playing. Today's update includes:

  • Road changes in numerous places to reflect the game
  • More buildings added.
  • Roads will start showing which are above or below others. This will take some work and is rolling out with more done in each update
  • Colour changes to roads and buildings.

Version 3.3 Update - 10 December

Another map update focusing on accuracy.

  • Map expanded to include the southern part of the map
  • Oil fields added correctly in the north.
  • More road layout tweaks based on game.
  • More NPCs added
  • Advanced Filter view when clicked takes you directly to the marker for easier navigation.
Version 3.2 Update - 7 December

As we move closer to release there's a reworking of the map happening to bring it inline with the actual game map. All maps previously have been working off best estimates of road locations and buildings.

The good news is we have already started bringing the map inline with the actual in-game map starting from today. New roads have been added, some have been removed. The same goes for buildings.

  • First stage of map being changed to reflect the game more accurately. This includes road and building changes.
  • Map has been further optimised for speed. (More will be done on this as we continue to rebuild it for accuracy.
  • New NPCs/locations have been added to the database.

Version 3.1 Update - 4 December 2020

A new version has gone live today with the following changes.

  • Right click to add a marker anywhere on the map. This copies coordinates link to your clipboard so you can share it with others. Whoever uses the link will be taken to that exact spot and shown the marker.



You will now see the green marker exactly where it was placed.
  • Buildings have all been enhanced and anomalies removed.
  • Roads have been enhanced
  • Overall improved performance on the map.
  • Map can be dragged to scroll around.
  • Map size significantly reduced to speed up load times.
Also, we are on a new server so you should see the overall site performance is now a lot faster.

There will be another update to the map prior to launch and I'll keep posting updates here as they are added.

Any feedback on this update can be posted in the feedback thread.

Version 3.0 Update

We have just pushed live the v3.0 map update prior to launch. We have been working on this update for a couple of weeks and there are a lot of changes and some new cool features. Here we go with the updates:

  • Updated Interface
  • Objects now also split by categories which allows users to find things easier in each category by using the list instead of having to click map points. This is important because as more is added you need quick access without having to scroll around the map looking for icons.
  • Filters now connected to categories. By using filters you can see the objects pop into the category listing below the filters menu making it easier to select and find locations. These "Advanced Filters" collapse as more are selected from the filters above and can be expanded with a click.
  • The Information sections for each object have been spruced up.
  • Some map anomalies have been tidied up
  • More new entries added to the DB
  • Mobile updated to work with the new interface.
Cool New Feature Alert

Users can now copy any location on the map to a URL to share. This works in two ways.
  1. Click a map marker and bring up the info box. Click the green [COPY COORDINATES TO SHARE] button and that location is saved to your clipboard to paste anywhere.
  2. Right-click anywhere on the map and the coordinates of your pointer will be saved to your clipboard to share. This means you can share links to pinpoint things to friends or even point something we don't have on the map yet via this thread. The more you share, the more we can add to the map. (Note: we are fixing a bug with this currently)
Launch Day Looms

Launch day is almost here and there will be changes being made to the map to refine it as close as possible to the actual game world. We will be updating the map regularly.

The more information we can get from the community, the more we can populate the map and do it as quickly as possible.

The game launch will be keeping us very busy across the site so the more you guys can chip in on finding map objects, the quicker we can get it filled up via this thread.

I want to thank everyone who has dropped by PureCyberpunk and the map project. Your feedback has been fantastic and we're looking forward to getting in-game and sharing our insights while we all play.

Any feedback on this update can be posted in the feedback thread.
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